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CAN-Speed adapts an after market speedometer to your HD-LAN®. Choose the analog speedometer you really want and replace your  speedometer.

CAN-Speed generates all the necessary signals for your speedometer and indicator board. Even your original tacho control push button is still usable to switch between your optional speedometer functions. No additional button necessary for your speedometer. Please contact us when you’re unsure whether your desired speedometer works together with CAN-Speed.

Less than a matchstick box in size but the perfect adapter for your analog speedometer. CAN-Speed works together with your original Harley-Davisdon® hand controls or together with the push button controller CAN-Xone.

CAN-Speed is compatible with:

  • Softail up from 2011
  • Dyna up from 2012
  • Sportster up from 2014



    • Adapt several after market speedometers to your HD-LAN®
    • Super low quiescent current  of <50µA (typical: 42µA)
    • CAN-Speed  is watertight







ca. 55g

Voltage range

7V - 24V

Operating current

ca. 14mA

Quiescent current

< 50µA

Operating temperature

-20°C . . 85°C


Dust and water tight

Tested Speedometers:

    • motogadget® - motoscope mini
    • motogadget® - motoscope tiny
    • motogadget® - mst speedster
    • motogadget® - mst vintage
    • motogadget® - motoscope classic (Sensors necessary for advanced features)
    • motogadget® - motoscope classic speedo (Sensors necessary for advanced features)
    • motogadget® - Chronoclassic (Sensors necessary for advanced features)
    • motogadget® - Chronoclassic speedo (Sensors necessary for advanced features)

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