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CAN-Xone is the basis to make your handlebar clean. Replace your Harley-Davidson® hand controls and use push buttons from the after market instead. Outstanding CAN-Xone functionality integrates your individual solution perfect in your modern motorbike with HD-LAN® technology. Simply install and enjoy!

The size is less than a matchstick box but all you need to control your bike with few buttons.  Our sophisticated electronic makes it possible. Even special options like  position lights for the front turn indicators,  a brake light flasher and advanced theft protection are on board. The warning indicator is back for all models. User friendly parameters give you the option to adapt CAN-Xone for your needs.

CAN-Xone is compatible with:

  • Softail up from 2011
  • Dyna up from 2012
  • Sportster up from 2014



    • Option for 2 or 3 push buttons on each side
    • CAN-Xone preserves all your original motor bike functions
    • Warning indicator for all models
    • Optional position light for the front turn indicators
    • Optional brake light flasher
    • Optional advanced theft protection
    • No resistors for LED turn indicators
    • Super low quiescent current  of <50A (typical: 42A)
    • CAN-Xone is watertight


The user manual is available in the download area.

The general CAN-bus concept is that all the bus-components are always powered, even when your bike is standing in the garage. The CAN-Xone quiescent current is less than 50A (this is 0.05mA). Simply the best on market and compared with the original solution it’s around 80 times less current. This gives you a chance to start the engine after several weeks in the garage - even when your battery is no longer the very best.






ca. 55g

Voltage range

7V - 24V

Operating current

ca. 14mA

Quiescent current

< 50A

Operating temperature

-20C . . 85C


Dust and water tight